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J. Johnson was born to Yountan Aghajan Moshil and Shalim Gewargis Daniel. Johnson is the second of five sons.The eldest is John, the middle child is Eddison, and the two youngest are Micheal, and Maurice.

Besides his education, sports, arts, painting and calligraphy, Johnson started to have a huge desire for music. He would accompany his late mother when she
would visit her parents and three brothers, who were dedicated musicians, twice a week.

That is where his love for music began, watching his late uncles "Avshalim & Shlemoon & uncle Shimshoon" who is liven in Turlock CA. jamming on their
instruments, preparing for gigs on weekends.

At the age of 10, Johnson started to sing, along with his late best friend, Shoura Eshaya, playing the harmonica.

After a few years, Johnson began reading music by himself, and playing the accordion and classic guitar.When he was 15, his oldest brother John formed a
five piece band, and Johnson was a member, playing his guitar.

And at the age of 17, Johnson was still in highschool when his favorite late uncle Shlimoon gave him his first Alto Saxophone.

It was a dream come true when his fingers touched the beautiful instrument.

Johnson began studying music theory, practising and reading every day.

After his high school graduation, Johnson began travelling from his home town to the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, about 55 miles every weekend with his brother John to play at parties and weddings with their uncles. After some time, Johnson settled down in Baghdad, where he studied some more during the days, and at night began jamming and hanging around with friends.

Rehearsling, jamming, playing and listning to music, he was inspired by some giant musicians such as sax players "Ben Webster" and "Stan Getz" and piano
players "Duke Ellington" and "Dave Brubeck".

During this time, Johnson joined the famous Iraqi Legend singer Elham Al Madfai in playing gigs and parties all over Baghdad, and some times playing with the Assyrian Legend Ashur Betsargis

In 1969, Johnson formed a four piece band, who began playing gigs every night in hotels.

In the summer he would move up north to the mountains on vacation and for more music. After a year he joined one of the best bands "The Kings" (formerly "4 Kings").

Between jobs, he used to get away once in a while to travel around the world for fun and explore the life out there.

Besides his music career, Johnson was also a designer draftsman, where he met and fall in love with Victoria a secretary of a Consulting Engineering Company.

They were married on june 3, 1976, and vacationed for their honeymoon in Athens, Greece.

They lived in Athens for 13 months, where he joined a Greek band, having fun and making a career by playing gigs at nights in hotels and restaurants. On July 13, 1977, they left Athens, Greece for Canada, to live a better life.

As landed immigrants, Johnson found a job as a designer draftsman for a Consulting Engineering Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

But Johnson never gave up his love for music. He formed a five piece band named "Assyrian Kings",joined by his brother John on keyboards, his brother
Maurice on lead vocal and guitar, and their friends Emiel Esu and Jalal David on bass.

On October 6, 1978, Johnson and Victoria were blessed with a little girl named Laura. After 4 years of hard work as a designer draftsman and jamming with his band, Johnson and his family moved to Mississauga, Ontario, where on Septermber 7, 1982 they were blessed with their son Noel, and on February 7, 1987, another blessing they named Jonathan.

During these years, Johnson continued playing with his band the "Assyrian Kings", when his popularity began to rise. He also began to travel independently around North America as a solo artist.

By 1991 Johnson lost his adorable and unforgettable mother which she devoted her life for her kids as every mom does, so he start to slow down performing for a while.

Johnson's fans urged him to put music together on a album, which he did and produce it on December 20, 1995, naming it, "Irresistible Lips" This album was a great hit, selling many copies.

Then in 1998 he lost his faithful father who use to work 16 hours a day for the love of his family. a great dad loved his Church, Christianity and his family till the last moment.

With people still asking for more music from him. Lately we knew that he is writing some funky new jazzy music for a wave radio station in Hamilton, L.A and Chicago Station after they start to play two of his songs on the air.

And for his Assyrian fans, on Feb.20.2010, he recorded the best 10 instrumental songs of the Assyrian legend Ashur Bet Sargis called
"Passion Sax"